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Frequently asked questions and technical support

What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a spectacular security service we provide to our customers. On average, a website that uses CloudFlare loads twice as fast, uses 60% of larghezzadi band has reduced its 65% requests less and is safer.

What is the association between the provider that provides hosting and CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a third-party vendor that provides the service to your CloudFlare clientiattraverso a partnership.

How does the technology CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with a security level. A voltache a website is part of the CloudFlare community, all traffic is instradatoattraverso CloudFlare's global network. The network CloudFlare saves in a cache static icontenuti all of your website, distributing it in various parts of the world, the point pi¨vicino visitors, which means that are delivered more quickly. Verranoconservate information such as: CSS, JavaScript and images. The technology automatically CloudFlaredecide what resources to cache based on extension names deifiles that requires no configuration. CloudFlare thinks compress ognirichiesta. The network Cloudflare ago also as a filter for any threats, before questiarrivino to the server, which means less waste of bandwidth and resource optimization.

Where are the data centers Cloudflare?
CloudFlare has currently 13 points of caching and traffic filtering:

  • Six in the United States: San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, New Jersey, Dallas
  • Four in Europe: Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London
  • Three in Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo

What types of websites can use CloudFlare?
Almost all websites can use CloudFlare. CloudFlare works on websites siastatici that dynamic. CloudFlare is not suitable for websites that use streaming video oaudio directly from your source server. If a website uses or Vimeoper YouTube videos, then it is compatible with CloudFlare.

A website has SSL. CloudFlare is compatible?
To use the SSL service, Cloudlfare provides an ad hoc service, however ilcliente must enable your account to account and follow the signs to PRO http://support.cloudflare.com/kb/pro-accounts/how-do-i-add-ssl-support-to-a-domain.

There are sub-domains with which it is not convenient to use CloudFlare?
Subdomains on CloudFlare are marked with an orange cloud. Quellinon-enabled CloudFlare are marked by a gray cloud. The reteCloudFlare routes traffic only on ports 80 and 443. The following sub-domains mustbe marked by a gray cloud to prevent performance issues:

  • cPanel
  • Live
  • ftp
  • ghs.google.com
  • email and webmail
  • mysql
  • nameservers (NS1, NS2)
  • * Safe (unless you enable CloudFlare SSL)
View the complete list of subdomains here: http://www.cloudflare.com/wiki/What_subdomains_are_appropriate_for_orange_/_gray_clouds

I enable CloudFlare on a wildcard (*) sub-domain?
No, for security reasons, CloudFlare does not route traffic wildcard. It necessarioelencare explicitly the name of the sub-domain as a CNAME in recordDNS setting it to be able to enable CloudFlare.

I enable CloudFlare on my main domain (ie mywebsite.com) which is a record?
CloudFlare can only accelerate and protect CNAMEs, not a record, which often includeil main domain. If traffic is in a root domain and you want to speed eproteggere traffic using CloudFlare, you can add a redirect to 'www' nelvostro .htaccess file.

Here's an example:

RewriteEngine On
# Rewrite added to CloudflareInstall - mysite.com
# Wednesday, August 25, 2010 04:59:42
RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^ mysite.com $ [NC]
RewriteCond% {} ^ SERVER_PORT $ 80
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Http://www.mysite.com/ $ 1 [R = 301, L]

The user activates the service through Control Panel, get an account on Cloudflare ?, What is the difference?
Once CloudFlare is activated through the panel, the customer also gets in unaccount www.cloudflare.com . The basic statistics and vengonovisualizzate settings in the control panel. To view more statistics, panel controllodelle threats and all settings CloudFlare, the client will have access to proprioaccount www.cloudflare.com . To do this just visit www.cloudflare.com ecliccare "Forgot password", the system will send to reset the password to the client, which in this way will access directly from the site www.cloudlfare.com , You can activate egestire additional features of this unique service.

How can I activate Cloudflare on my domain?
To activate cloudflare on your domain must be checked before the DNS setting of the same, it only works on the parameters Cloudlfare CNAME domain, and then be activated for any domain, the area www have a CNAME pointing to the primary domain in this way:

if the area www points to an IP, you must delete it and recreate it as specified above, only then you can click on Cloudlfare orange, it is the first time you log on, you Cloudlfare chiedrÓ to register your email, just registered show the possible areas where activate the service, whether among the areas mentioned there is no www area, then there is something wrong in the DNS settings.

Download the documentation for the service CloudFlare

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