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Certified Mail


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Lucchetto Posta Elettronica Certificata


The certified electronic mail (PEC) is a tool that allows you to give to a mail message, the same value of a registered letter with return receipt traditional. The PEC can also add the certification of the content of the message only if combined with a digital certificate.

The legislation gives the certified mail CNIPA different tasks. In particular, indicates that person as guardian and manager of technical regulations. It is also the responsibility of the CNIPA ensure the publication of updates, in accordance with the standards specified in the regulations.

CNIPA, within its corporate website, make available a special section on the certified mail containing a downloadable version of all the documents valid for legal purposes and on the PEC.


When sending an email to the manager PEC PEC sender will send a receipt to the sender which will be legally binding dell'avvenuta (or failure) message transmission with precise time indication of when the email was sent to PEC . In the same way the manager of the recipient, after depositing the message box in the PEC of the recipient, the sender will provide an acknowledgment of receipt, indicating the point in time in which it was delivered. In case of loss of one of the PEC is received in the system can have at the service managers, a computer science track having the same legal value in terms of sending and receiving, for a period of thirty months, according to government regulations mentioned below. From the user point of view, a box of certified mail is no different from a regular mailbox; changes only for what concerns the communication mechanism which is based on the PEC and the presence of certain receipts sent by the managers PEC sender and recipient.

The certified mail, in fact, to be such, must follow the rules laid down by Presidential Decree 68/2005 and subsequent rules which it lays down. These standards, along with other (in particular the Digital Administration Code), establish their legal validity, the rules and procedures for use. In particular:

* The service can be provided only by the operators accredited CNIPA which is the public body responsible for inspection of certified electronic mail.
* For the PEC should be used dedicated domains (PEC does not contain a domain email accounts non-PEC).

Each manager PEC in respect of the provision is to undergo a series of tests for interoperability, specifically identified and available on the official website of CNIPA. The interoperability test are performed to evaluate the accuracy Technical / Functional PEC service provided by the operator. As stated in the official documents are explicit test for the sending and receiving e-mail boxes with traditional. Please note that the technical rules PEC attached to the Ministerial Decree of 2 November 2005 involving the management of e-mail messages traditional, so that is referred to an appropriate transport envelope designed to contain e-mail addresses from mail not PEC. In addition, the acceptance receipt, issued at the time of the deployment, shows the type of e-mail with specific words (eg, Certified Mail - Mail not certified). Clearly, the eventual recipient not PEC, while still getting the message correctly, will not be able to generate alerts occurred / non-delivery.

Benefits of PEC

Mail Newshell PEC

The PEC service, by its very nature, shows a number of advantages over the traditional registered mail with return receipt. The main ones are:

* Each digital format can be sent by certified mail;
* Messages can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet;
* Certification of attachments to the message;
* The successful delivery of the mail is guaranteed, if you can not deliver the message the user is informed;
* The messages have legal validity;
* Traceability box sender and consequently of its owner;
* There is no certainty about the destination of the messages;
* Sending messages may have less than the recommended one.

For a proper assessment must be taken into account the cost of sending a traditional paper recommended that grows depending on the number of pages and weight of the package, and the number of messages sent annually. This information must then be compared with the rates of PEC manager, which usually makes available a PEC box with a cost calculated on an annual basis. Usually once you have paid the annual fee, the user can send an unlimited number of messages PEC;

* High standards of quality and continuity of service. SLAs law provides a service availability of 99.8% on a quarterly basis;

* Obligation by the manager to store all the events associated with sending and receiving of messages PEC, for a period of thirty months

* Obligation by the operator to implement procedures to ensure the privacy of personal data and the security of communication.

* Following the inspections carried out by virtue of Circular 7 December 2006 n. 51, illustrated in the section "The regulatory framework", the services made available by certified mail handlers registered in the audience are interoperable. That means, and it is a condition of the PEC, two users belonging to different operators can exchange e-mails with the same guarantees as certified two users belonging to the same manager.

It is evident that the first two advantages are common with those of a traditional e-mail message.

Disadvantages of PEC

Pec Newshell Hosting Domini

* Currently, the PEC is not an international standard, thus representing a set of rules and norms Italian. In addition, other techniques of digital signature and tracking of delivery analogues, such as RFC 3798, are already available for the traditional email for several years.

* The chaos of Italian law, before discussing compulsory for all, then they back off, then say again that it is obligatory, and finally - giving reason in a nutshell for those who, in the name of the right technological neutrality and the free market, has long maintained that the legislation which seeks to impose the system of certified mail violates the Community legislation - have not made it mandatory for the adoption of the PEC, leading to a halt in the adoption of the system. On 19 January 2009, in fact, Article 16 of Decree Law 185/2008 has been, in the process of converting into law significant changes that make it no longer mandatory PEC for citizens, professionals and companies, if they are to have a similar email address based on technologies that certify the date and time of sending and receiving communications and the integrity of the contents thereof, ensuring interoperability with systems similar internazionali.Vi is to be noted that for the first time you talk content and their integrity, in fact one of the major flaws of the PEC is to be the "surrogate" electronic mail with some of the same prerogatives pejorative, as in the letter with acknowledgment of receipt you can put in what is identified in the legislation PEC as "transport envelope" anything as there is no correlation between "transport envelope" and the same content, the system is more interested in "digitally sign" the envelope as the old wax seal that envelope and establish an exact correlation between content, a fact not trivial, therefore the envelope digitally signed there can be anything.


occhio mail dominio hosting newshell The storage for 30 months of receipts also include the entire message and its attachments that are clear ie no more and no less like those of the normal recommended inserted into the "envelope of transport", "digitally signed" at least for the prescribed period, contrary to the letter which is retained by the post office the time established by regulation post and then returned intact to the sender accomplished stock. It is not established by law that the end face all correspondence PEC after thirty months. The PEC is the only manager to have the credentials to open "the envelope of transport" with all its contents. The capacity contratualizzata mailboxes impose strict limits on the free movement of correspondence, legislation does not mention what happens if the number of messages PEC exceeds the capacity of the box is that of the consignor who purchased that of the recipient.


The Italian law requires a company to become manager of the PEC service, must pass a special procedure for accreditation. The service can in fact be paid exclusively by the managers accredited CNIPA, which is the public body responsible for inspection of certified electronic mail. A person to become manager PEC must submit an application to the CNIPA and meet strict technical and organizational constraints. Among the most stringent in economic terms is Article 14 of the Decree of the President February 11, 2005 68, who reports to point 3: "Applicants for entry in the list of managers PEC other than public administrations should have legal nature of corporations and fully paid up capital of not less than one million Euros. " This makes such a role only within the reach of a few large firms and large turnovers, effectively excluding from the market small business hosting, potentially causing a deviation of the free market in favor of large companies that in the absence of competition (neither Italian nor obviously foreign, as the PEC does not exist outside of Italy) could sell the service PEC doing in the future pricing policy regime from a quasi-monopoly. However, it is expected, as a specific point 3.1 of the circular CNIPA/CR/51, the mode of sale of PEC services through commercial channels, even with the support of third parties. In this case it is necessary that the terms of sale comply with the requirements of law and that the contractual relationship is always in place between the owner and manager of the PEC.

(Taken from Wikypedia)

What do we offer?


Newshell dealer is P.E.C. Authorised by the Manager ArubaPEC, we do not sell this online service, but only Privately, too, because the type of retailer to which we have adhered, does not bring any economic benefit, but simply by the opportunity to offer, but on occasions the need arise, a more service to our customers loyal .


Documentation P.E.C.


To activate a PEC will need the following documents.


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