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Transfer :: domain. Mantainer by IT (old system) to Newshell ::

(Taken from the website of the Registry: www.nic.it )

Switch from Maintainer to Registrar

Change the service provider: From Maintainer (asynchronous) to the Registrar (synchronous)


This action allows the Registrant to change the Internet service provider for your domain, from a Maintainer (which operates asynchronously with the system, with the sending of paper documents) to a Registrar (synchronous system, in real time).
It 'must first select a new Registrar (located Registrar). The Registrant Registro.it to send a paper request for change of Maintainer / Registrar, indicating the initials of the old and the new service provider.

Select and fill in the form

Depending on whether the Registrant is a natural person or an entity other than a natural person (government, corporate 'associations, individual companies, etc ...), you must use the appropriate form:

* Change of Maintainer / Registrar for "natural persons" rtf
* Change of Maintainer / Registrar for "natural persons" pdf
* Change of Maintainer / Registrar for "persons other than natural persons" rtf
* Change of Maintainer / Registrar for "persons other than natural persons" pdf

The new Registrar will provide the code that identifies the Registrant (contactID) within the synchronous registration system. The contactID will be transcribed in the form of Change of Maintainer / Registrar.

Submit the form

The form must be completed in its entirety, signed and sent to the Registry by the Registrant:

* By fax to +39 050-570230
* By mail or courier to the registry:

Institute of Informatics and Telematics - CNR
Register. En
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1
I-56124 PISA

Are not accepted forms of change of Maintainer / Registrar emailed or hand-delivered.
The Registry shall examine the request for change of Maintainer / Registrar. If the data is correct, the registry changes the Maintainer with the new Registrar, to which you assign a new code authinfo for the domain in question. The Registrar, in turn, notifies the Registrant.



Who can register a ::. :: IT


Each person belongs to one of the member countries of the European Union can register an unlimited number of domains. It. For private parties must be over eighteen.

Award Criteria

The assignment of domains. It follows the principle of "first come first served" basis, which is the first request received is also the first to be heard.
The chronological order of applications is determined when inserting the same in the registry database. En (DBAN, databases of domain names assigned):

* In the asynchronous system, as attested by the time of entry of the request by the Registry. Between two requests for the same domain name, both sent in asynchronous mode, priority is the arrival time of the document to the Registry.

* In the synchronous system, the inclusion of the request is handled directly by electronic means by the Registrar and the feedback is immediate.


Regulations and Guidelines :: ::


The registration and maintenance of domains. It takes place according to the provisions of the Regulations, the common system synchronous and asynchronous system.
To supplement the Rules, the Registry has also prepared technical guidelines - specific to the system for synchronous and asynchronous system - in order to provide more effective support to the Registrar and Maintainer
It is an integral part of the rules also Regulations for the resolution of disputes, accompanied by legal guidelines.


Download documents


* Assignment and management of domain names in the ccTLD.it - ​​Rules of version 6.0 in pdf format

* Management of operations on domain names in the ccTLD.it in asynchronous mode - Guidelines Version 1.5 in pdf format

* Management of synchronous operations on domain names in the ccTLD.it - ​​Guidelines Version 1.1 in pdf format

* Resolution of disputes in ccTLD.it - ​​Regulation Version 2.0 in pdf format

* Resolution of disputes in ccTLD.it - ​​Guidelines Version 2.0 in pdf format

Disputes and Dispute :: ::


Challenge the assignment of a

The opposition

The assignment of domain can be the subject of a dispute between one or more persons who claim the right. The Register. It does not take part in the resolution of the dispute, but offers users a specific tool: the opposition procedure. It "freezes" the assignment of domain until the outcome of the case and allows those who have promoted it to exercise a right of first refusal on the possible, new assignment.


The opening of the opposition does not allow to automatically obtain the domain already registered by another entity, but allows access to two procedures - alternatives to appeal to the judiciary - for the resolution of the dispute: the informal arbitration and the reassignment procedure .
To start an opposition must be sent to the Registry a written request with the identity of the sender, the domain name object of opposition, the reasons and the rights that are presumed to be impaired.
Users have two models signs to facilitate the completion of the request.
The request must be sent by post or courier to:

Registry of the ccTLD.
Institute of Informatics and Telematics - CNR
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa (PI)

and it can be sent in advance by fax to +39 050 315 3448 or e-mail in PDF format to challenge@nic.it.
The registry shall consider the request, evaluates the eligibility and, within ten working days of the application, notify the outcome to the parties.

The status of "challenged"

The opposition is deemed to commence at the time when the registry puts the domain in the "challenged".
The objection must be renewed by registered mail, every 180 days, unless there is a judgment, an arbitration or a reassignment procedure in progress. The renewal request can not be repeated more than twice.

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